Breaking System: SMCE-2-75A, SMCE-2-90A


  • Active brake
  • Hydraulically applied
  • Use to be as yaw brake

Technical information

SMCE-2-75A SMCE-2-90A
Brake material /C45
Clamping force(at 160bar) Cf=140KN Cf=200KN
Braking force(at 160bar) Bf=112KN Bf=160KN
Piston diameter 75mm 90mm
Piston area(1 piston) A=44.2cm2 A=63.6cm2
Max. Pressure P=210bar
Lining dimension 220*110
Lining type Organic
Considered friction coefficient μ=0.4(*)
Lining thickness 18mm
Friction material thickness 8mm
Max. lining wear 6mm
Retraction bolt spring with
Disc thickness 30mm
Weight 75kg
Temperature range -40℃ to 70℃(**)
(*) The friction coefficient depends on different factors such as disc material, speed, temperature, application, and may vary between 0.25 and 0.5

(**) For lower temperatures please contact us

General Dimensions

Braking Torque(Nm)

1.? Brake installed outwards disc centreT= n·2·μ·2·P·10·A·

2.Brake installed towards disc centre


n= Number of brakes



A=Piston area(1 piston)(cm2

?Int =Internal Diameter(m)

?Ext =External Diameter(m)

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